JURGVITA accounting and all the related services are provided for both small and large enterprises. We provide advice on tax matters to customers who represent the institutions administrating taxes, vat and registrating ito the taxpayers’ registers. We are helping to create or improve corporate accounting management model. Counselling may be provided orally and in writing in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages.

Accounting with the professional team of UAB JURGVITA – simple and convenient. Upon request, our accounter can come to your Office and prepare and organize all the necessary financial instruments. With our company ‘s bookkeeping services, you:

  • Do not loose any time in looking for professional and reliable accounting,
  • most cost associated with the accountant ‘s workplace (a room, the furniture, the computer, the accounting program, Office supplies, etc.),
  • You don ‘t need to pay social insurance contributions, personal income tax and you will pay only for the done  work
  • Saving the companys money‘s
  • you ‘ll only pay for the work she has done,
  • saves companies money
  • get the premium accounting services.

So, we are giving customers direct access through the Internet to the accounting system, in which customers can pursue the warehouse accounts, sales invoices, controlling the settlements with customers and vendors.

 Accounting with  JURGVITA – is the complete package of services:

  • we have initial records;
  • we are accounting the salary, we calculate the number of orders in relation to human resources;
  • and we are preparing our tax returns for the controlling institutions: VMI, Sodra, VĮ „Centre of the Registers“;
  • heads of companies preparing financial statements: balance sheet, we calculate the profit (loss), cash flow statements, etc.;
  • we ‘re payment orders to suppliers for goods and services to employees;
  • we have booked packages;
  • we are harmonising the suppliers, the customers’ debts, we have control over execution of payments;
  • enterprises represent shares in institutions;
  • we ‘re full with the accounting guidance.

 Accounting with JURGVITA: according to your needs in the most favourable prices offer your business the best and the most rational Decision. Prices for business customers to tailor the nature of the enterprise ‘s activities, depending on the nature, scale and complexity of the activities.