Enterprise sales

If You want to buy or sell, the company which was set-up right now? Just contact with us. Who want to sell quickly and qualitatively, we will ready all the documents, find customers and offer the best price. To get through the already established business, we will offer the best option, we ‘ll give you all the legal advice, and just one day we forma l purchase documents – sales documents and already you will soon be able to take action.

 Whay is good to by set-up company:

  • formed authorised capital
  • opened a Bank account,
  • made the stamp,
  • company have the registation adress
  • redundant documents establishing – that saves time and money,
  • avoidable costs, legal advice at the time of the establishment.

All sold by the company ‘s reliable, without any obligations or liabilities, minimum share capital – €2500.

 Sale of companies with JURGVITA – simple and fast. All you need to do is to come to sign the papers, and their training and the delivery of a notary and VšĮ „registers” will take care of us. You can operate their documents across the enterprise.