Document archiving

Document flow – both small and large enterprises. So that you can your business for maximum period of time, we are offering you an archiving services. Archiving of documents in regulatory enactments of the Republic of Lithuania, therefore it is important for each company to have reliable and professional document management specialists.

Why You have to choose UAB JURGVITA archiving services?

  •  A professional assessment of the condition of the archive;
  • A neat and documentation management;
  • Flexible adaptation to the needs of customers;
  • This saves time for employees;
  • Costs and timing of development of business, the other direct obligations;
  • Save corporate archives of space;
  • Measures to lower Office expenses;
  • Guaranteed by the company ‘s orderly archive documents.

Document archiving with „Jurgvita“ ensures fast, secure and reliable document delivery to Respublic of Lituania city‘s and district local Government archives, the memos. Companies are systematically classified documents, in accordance with applicable regulations. Deleting old archive documents, saving space.

 We will treat each client confidentiality.