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Establishment of enterprises. Where do you begin?

Anyone with a business idea and inspiring-like a balanced attainment of the objectives of the plan, will inevitably face of start-up. What ‘s so special about enterprises and all of its processes. Where do you begin? What may help the firm?

Professional business services company that provides easy JURGVITA can take care of your business, start immediately: giving detailed advice on establishing the specialists will document preparation, submission and registration procedures. You just need to make some important decisions and provide the necessary data.

First, you have to decide which legal form the company is incorporated. It may be, TO THE CANNON, AB, VšĮ, MB, LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, GP or other legal forms of undertaking. You choose the form to suit your needs and the nature of the activities carried out.

 A second important point – original name choice. Your company name must be a unique product name, nobody has so far not used a combination of letters or words.

It is important to provide more accurate information about the company (name, props, operational objectives, information about shareholders, etc.). Receive necessary information, setting up business professionals to immediately prepare the required documents: the Memorandum and Articles of association, the shareholders’ meeting, the share capital (the minimum authorised capital – €2 500).

The documents requested, the notary. Upon approval, the company successfully completed a notary shall be registered in the legal entities register.

 Where necessary, the professional services firm or establishing a process of consultation, call in the professionals. Establishment of enterprises with JURGVITA – simpler route to success.

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