Establishment of enterprises

Establishment of companies – what we know the best. We’ll take care of that UAB, AB, THE, VŠĮ, or other legal person founding will be smoothly and without problems. All you have to do is submit details of the founders and the company, and we’ ll take care of the necessary documents, as well as the preparation of company registration.

Data, you need to provide, to establish an enterprise:

  1. Requisites – founders (shareholders) the name, surname, personal code, address of the declared place of residence. When the enterprise shall be established by a legal person, the name, code number, registered Office, data Manager asdresas, bylaws, certificate of registration. When you set up a foreign legal person, a statement confirming that the founder is registered in a foreign State in the register of legal persons. 
  2. Name of the company.
  3. Director of enterprise data: name, surname, personal identification number, address of the declared place of residence.
  4. Business address of owner (natural person, a notarised meetings. Where a legal person is signed in and stamped, the Director’s consent. The Bank’ s meetings is delivered in such a case, the company ‘s premises in the Bank).
  5. Data about control: what percentage of shares will be managed.
  6. Information regarding the amount of the authorized capital of the enterprise which is being established. The minimum amount of the authorised capital – Eur 2500.

And when you give us information, account being taken of all the legal entities register rezerve the legal entity name. Then we are preparing the necessary documents, such as the company ‘s founding Treaty, the founding act of the founding shareholders, bylaws, Decision or the Protocol. We approve the document drawn up by a notary. The company is opening a new account and registrate enterprise in the legal entities register. Establishment of enterprises with JURGVITA – simple and fast.

Establishment: establishment of UAB, AB, AND the creation of the MB, LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, VšĮ, setting up branches and representative offices, associations, and charity foundations, support for start-ups. Also the potential corporate reorganisation – we all corporate services.

UAB establishment normally takes three working days. The price, which includes all of the services we provide, the notary and registration in the register of legal persons, – from €150.

Establishment of enterprises with JURGVITA – fast and smooth process. Yet as soon as we sell has been established by UAB.

In addition to providing the following services:

  1. We sell ready-to and filled companies and founding documents and the all form of JAR ‚s to the centre of Registre. Package and instructions on how to use it, we will be sent to you by e-mail within 1 business day from the invoice payment.
  2. We are forming all the documents.
  3. We have advanced the company ‘s share price of €2500.
  4. Employ manual.
  5. Registrating to taxpayers’ register.
  6. Registrating to vat register.
  7. We wiIl make the stamp.
  8. Registration address shown in Vilnius and Šiauliai and administer customer correspondence for a one-off fee.